Asme Pressure Vessels

General Industries fabricates and repairs ASME Pressure Vessels. This is another broad product line of vessels supporting the water industry, chemical and propane storage, and industrial process applications. We have both our “U” stamp and “R” stamp, and utilize the latest design software to provide exact solutions for all pressure vessel requirements..

Hydropneumatic Tanks

Hydropneumatic tanks are ASME vessels for storing water that is moved from the tank using air pressure. No liquid pump is required to move the water to its required location, as the air pressure in...Read More

Cholorine Contact Tank

Chlorine contact tanks are typically used with chlorine injection equipment in a well water system to help comply with strict drinking water standards. Chlorination is the most common disinfection ...Read More

Fire Protection Tanks

Fire protection tanks are hydropneumatic water storage tanks specifically designed for use in private fire protection systems. These ASME pressure vessels are required by fire codes in many commerc...Read More

Boiler Blowdown Tanks

Boiler blowdown tanks are used to control boiler blowdown to reduce scaling. They also enable high-pressure water to safely flash to steam. Required boiler maintenance includes periodic removal of ...Read More

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks can be fabricated for above ground our underground installation. Propane tank are used to store liquefied petroleum gas for use in commercial, industrial and residential systems.

Custom ASME Pressure Vessels

General Industries fabricates an infinite number of custom pressure vessel designs for industrial and commercial clients. Using pressure vessels in various processes to move materials and liquid co...Read More