General Industries, Inc.- Engineering and Drawings

General Industries, Inc. provides the engineering and product development for all tanks we manufacture using dedicated in house engineering personnel. Our drawings are detailed and professionally prepared to satisfy the most demanding and exacting customer and specification. Our knowledge and experience with tank standards and systems allow us to anticipate the needs of the customer, and aid in the total system configuration. We consistently partner with our customers to understand their requirements and coordinate with other contractors and suppliers to synchronize the final system.

With projects that require custom fabrication, we use our experience and industry developed tank standards to develop a system that functions with dependability and efficiency. When producing FAST Fueler systems, we visualize the system from the end users perspective to provide safe and worry free field operation. Our total company manufacturing experience is channeled through our engineering department and the informational products they prepare to aid in quality assurance on the shop floor. Professionally developed engineering drawings are critical to our quality processes and also enhance customer submittals and product understanding in complex projects. Our standard tank drawings allow customers to quickly obtain a professional tank drawing for submittals, project discussions, and for use as a base document for operational development.